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Sandra Bundy

Sandra Bundy

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Long before the #MeToo and #TakeAStand movements, there were trailblazing women who were the first to fight back against sexual harassment in the workplace. Carmita Wood. Diane Williams. Paulette Barnes. Mechelle Vinson. These Afri- can-American women helped lead the charge in changing sexual harassment laws in this country. But one woman’s pursuit of justice in the face of years of harassment forced her to risk even more – her livelihood, her family, and even her life.

Sandra Bundy was trapped – a single mother grieving the loss of a child, sexually harassed, humiliated and retaliated against in a job she could not leave. But when the harassment continued from one supervisor to the next, when even the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), an organization founded to protect employees from harmful work environments, denied her help, she persisted, determined to take on her employers in a fight for her job, for her rights, and for her dignity.



The MAKING HISTORY YOURS Social Media Campaign was created to encourage people to share inspiring stories of women in their families through videos, pictures, and writings. Share with us your family matriarch’s story.


  • Discover firsthand accounts and historical documents or artifacts in order to assist historians in piecing together the lost narratives of women.
  • Encourage dialogue between generations as people research their ancestry
  • Share encouraging stories of women overcoming the odds
  • Build self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-love and a sense of inclusion in this world.